All software promoted by GGCASH are the result of our own work, made directly by us.


  • After installation of the software we expect no one part will be copied or cloned.
  • The software runs only on our servers and we do not provide FTP access to it, but you can have access by FTP to one folder if you need to upload additional files.
  • We offer free hosting and we expect you don’t take advantage of it uploading files that after stream on other websites.
  • GGCASH-S and GGCASH-W offer access to several configuration option, it is easy to understand how it work but you need to be careful. We are happy to help with configuration, but we guarantee only 3h of free assistance regarding first design and layout, so try to have in mind a clear idea of what you want to do. Additional ours will be billed at 30€/hour.
  • Revenue offered to performer with GGCASH-P is 75% of our incoming and will be using a dedicated join page under “Giorgio Grandi Studios”
  • GGCASH-S use the join page of “Giorgio Grandi Studios” (75% revenue) with no monthly fee. A personalised join page could be used if the admin of allows it. In the case the admin of pornbox allows it, the revenue will be 100% (paid from and the monthly fee will be 30€
  • GGCASH-W works with a standard SexCash affiliate promotion, so you need to have a valid account on and will handle your payments.
  • Payments for who is using GGCASH-P, GGCASH-S are released one time/month if revenue is over 100$. In the case the turnover of a month is under 100$, it will be added to the following month. When a balance is payable, you will need to upload an invoice, feel free to ask help for it.
  • Automated promotion is executed using an app that is able to post on the timeline of a designated twitter account. If you don’t link your twitter account to the app, the system will not be able to do any post. If you do not feel alright to link your main twitter account to the application, just create a secondary twitter account and link it, the system will post on that. After, just RT the posts.
  • Monthly fee for GGCASH-S and GGCASH-W is billed one time/year based on the calendar year. This mean if you join us in November, we will bill you 2 months (November and December). For the following year, we will send you an invoice in December, if you do not pay the invoice before the end of the month, we will disable your tracking codes in the website and we will place ours.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.